SMS for Education

SMS for school

SMS Messaging in the Education Sector

Texting and school might not always go hand in hand, but a short message service (SMS) solution is the most effective way to stay in contact with your students, parents, teachers and other staff. Texting is a preferred method of communication in today’s world, and sending individuals an SMS message helps ensure they’ll open and read your updates.

SMS for Universities

Remind Students About Assignments and Events

One of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of student success is procrastination. With assignment and event reminders sent straight to students’ phones, their responsibilities can’t slip from their minds. Sending frequent text reminders to your class about upcoming assignments and tests can help ensure they arrive at every class with exactly what they need to succeed.

Send Notifications About Delays and Closures

Sending out delay and closure notifications can be as easy as taking a snow day itself. With text notifications, your students and their parents can immediately know about delays and closures. Plus, you won’t have to wake up the rest of the family with a phone call in the middle of the night.

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Provide Student Absence Notifications

Sending parents texts is a discrete way to inform them when their middle or high schooler may be missing school without their permission. You can also use student absence notifications to let parents know how many total days students have been absent or if they need a doctor’s note to come back to school.


Create Student Advisor Meeting Reminders and Tutoring Hotlines

Advisor meetings to help students with next semester’s class schedule or scheduling with a tutor are monumental steps toward success for many students. SMS text reminders are a perfect way to do this. A student and their phone are rarely separated, so there are no excuses.

Red Oxygen, As Easy As ABC

With Red Oxygen you can instantly send messages to students and staff about schoolwide information or send personalized messages to each class, student and parent. Integrate Red Oxygen into your school communication system to make communication with your students, faculty and staff effortless. Our products are available for Office, Outlook, Google, application programming interfaces (APIs) and spreadsheets.

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