3 Ways NFL Fans Use SMS


In the US, many major league football fans are receiving text alerts on game day. Here are three ways that football teams and sports broadcasters are using bulk SMS to send their messages to the right group of people:

It’s Week 2 of NFL football season and already fans are looking for ways to keep informed about scores, injuries, and other team changes. One way that many teams and other organizations are keeping people notified are through text message alerts.

  • Teams communicate with fans: Some football teams, such as the Pittsburgh Steelers, have websites that ask fans for permission to send communications. The teams are able to establish exactly what information they need to send and how they can best keep people involved with new team information.
  • Sports broadcasters follow the league: News stations, such as ESPN, are sending text alerts about specific games or teams. Football fans need to sign into their own ESPN accounts and they can customize their SMS settings online.
  • Fantasy leagues keep the score: Fantasy football leagues are keeping fans updated and involved about their fantasy team scores through SMS text messages. An outside website known as Scoresline is also sending scores for fantasy football managers that need to step away from their computers or tablets.

As the season continues to get more competitive, more organizations are finding ways to help fans manage their football intake. Text alerts are a helpful tool to help fans get the latest information and for NFL teams to organize mass communication to the football community.

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