Ready to streamline your SMS communications? Send SMS one at a time or in bulk from the CompleteSMS interface.

Only using the API? CompleteSMS is where you can view usage and delivery reports.

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Welcome to Your SMS Headquarters.

Red Oxygen’s CompleteSMS is your answer to business SMS, send and receive SMS, individually or by the 1000s. View reports, manage other users, store contacts and distribution lists.

Inbox and Sent boxes will keep you updated on delivery while the Errors box will let you know if a message didn’t send and why. Was it a landline listed in the contact? Or maybe there were digits left out? Whatever information you need, it’s all right there.

Administrators are able to add users, add admins, add cost centers and run reports, view a user’s usage and review invoices all with the same login information.

As new features are added, we’ll be announcing them here.



Usage Guides for CompleteSMS

If you need assistance, our stellar support team is almost always available, but we understand there’s just time when you want to do it yourself. Hopefully these guides will get you where you want to go.


Administrator Guide

Administrators have additional permissions.
This guide covers adding administrators and users, reviewing reports and viewing invoices.

View Guide

User Guide

Here’ll you find guidance on sending messages, adding contacts and distribution lists, creating templates and signatures along with where to view your inbox, sent box and errors.

View Guide




CompleteSMS API Documentation:



It's all right here, all in one place.

Image of the compose page of the Complete SMS interface

Send to one recipient or use distribution lists.


  • Select from your list of contacts in your Address Book or enter a phone number directly in the Recipients field.
  • Upload and save Distribution Lists, keeping your contacts in manageable lists for future SMS blasts.
  • Create templates that will keep you from typing common messages over and over. Save as many as you’d like.
  • Add a signature at the end of each SMS, a personal touch is always appreciated, or use it to tack on opt-out information.
  • Type your SMS now while you have time, but set them to send later in the day so you don’t have to remember to send them when things get hectic around the office.






Send personalized SMS in bulk.


  • Upload a .csv file and send 100s of SMS personalized with their name and other detail that specific to the recipient.
  • Create templates specific to your bulk mailing needs, using merge field technology to pull in information from your .csv. to customize.
  • You have a bulk send for 600 people in the US, but you’re located in Australia? You might want to use the schedule option, so you’re not sending SMS in the middle of the night.
  • You can even see your list and message samples before you hit send. And, if there’s an accidental someone in your list, just delete the row, saving you from having to start all over with a new .csv.



Image of the Bulk SMS page of the Complete SMS system

Already have a Red Oxygen Account? Contact Support and they'll help you get it migrated to CompleteSMS.


New Look
New Platform
New Questions

As Red Oxygen grows and expands our robust features on CompleteSMS, there are going to be questions...heck, we might even have questions. But no matter who's asking, we'll find the answers. Here's a few question we can answer right away. But if you don't see what you're looking for, reach out to Support via chat or with this form. We'll even answer the phone.

Help! I have a question
What if I forget my password?

You can request a password with “Forgot Password” on the login in page.

What if my timezone is wrong?

Each person can select their own timezone by going to Settings under CompleteSMS.

How many credits is one message?

Credits are a form of currency you spend as you send SMS. It depends on how long your message is and where you’re sending it to determine how many credits it will ‘cost’.

A general rule, if the message is less than 160 characters (70 unicode) and being sent locally (within the country of origin) it will be 1 credit. If sent internationally, 2 credits.

Messages longer than 160 characters will be broken up into parts, at this point the message is ‘charged’ by the qty of parts the message consists of. Red Oxygen supports 765 characters, which is 5 parts. (5 credits local, 10 international)

How do I get a dedicated number?

Contact support, we can help you with dedicated numbers, you can even select one in your area code.

If you are in the U.S. we’ll make sure they are connected to your 10dlc campaign ID as well.

How do I buy more credits?

Only prepaid accounts need to purchase additional credits, monthly accounts will keep keep track of any overages and bill for them at the end of the month.

For prepaid accounts: An administrator of your account will be able to purchase more credits by selecting Billing in the top navigation and then Purchase Messages in the left hand navigation.

Why isn't my csv uploading when I'm trying to import contacts?

Make sure your .csv is formatted exactly as the sample .csv…including the headers and capitalization.

Can I add more users?

If you’re an administrator of your account, you can, you can add as many as you’d like.

Select Users in the top navigation, then select Users in the left hand navigation (as opposed to administrators), then select the blue button at the top right, Add New.

If sending messages to or from the U.S. make sure to contact Support so they can make sure the company has enough dedicated numbers, so the 10dlc police don’t block your messages.


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